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MSA2012i failed power supply

Bart Donders

MSA2012i failed power supply


Today I found a MSA2012i with one unplugged power supply.

Is it normal behaviour for the MSA to disable one of the management interfaces in that scenario?

I couldn't restore the functionality of both management processors until I plugged in the second power supply.

Regards, Bart
Honored Contributor

Re: MSA2012i failed power supply

What is the intension of doing that (disabling one management interface!!)

MSA Power supplies are redundat and MSA will be fully functional even with single power supply.

How ever there are some known issue with MSA firmware that will bring down the MSA if one power supply failed. Latest firmware fixed this issue.
Bart Donders

Re: MSA2012i failed power supply

Okay... The known issues were my second guess...

I will schedule the update of the firmware as soon as possible.

Thanks for answering.