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MSA2212fc volume mapping in cluster

MSA2212fc cluster with
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MSA2212fc volume mapping in cluster


I have some queries about the volume mapping on my MSA2212fc with dual cotrollers. There are two dual ports HBA on each servers. All 4 fibre cables are directly connected to my MSA2212fc. The host interconnect is enabled.

Now, I created two vdisks which have 5 volumes to be used. In order to let all cluster servers to use all volumes, each WWN of the 4 fibre ports is mapped to all 5 volumes seperately. Totally, 4 WWN from those two serves have all volume mappings connection.

I wonder this is a valid volume mapping method. Does it work for using in Microsoft cluster environment?

If the controller A failed, can all my cluster servers still use all volumes via controller B under this volume mapping?

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Re: MSA2212fc volume mapping in cluster

maybe this could help you
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