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MSA2212fc volume mapping

Darren Dent
Occasional Contributor

MSA2212fc volume mapping


I am having a slight problem with volume mapping on my MSA2212fc. The MSA2212fc and 8 hosts are all connected to my fabric and all of the hosts can see the 2212fc fine. The problem I am having is that I only want 5 of those hosts to see the volumes I have created on 2212fc as they have VMware ESX server installed and I am using the 2212fc as the storage for my VM environment. The other hosts are windows hosts and will not need access at all.

I have created a vdisk with two equal sized volumes which I have assigned lun id's 1 and 2. I have setup the manage host list so that all of the WWN numbers for each host has a nickname, what I have done is assigned the ESX hosts (and the san switch) WWNs read-write permissions to the LUNs and given all other hosts no access. However when I give all other hosts no access the LUN id in the volume map and table changes to 'none' and the lun is inaccessible from my ESX hosts. If I give all other hosts access then the lun is available again to the ESX hosts.

Have I missed something obvious or have I just configured my vdisk and volumes incorrectly??

Thanks in advance.