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MSA2312fc VDISK Rebuild fails!

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MSA2312fc VDISK Rebuild fails!


I have a 2312fc with 2 controllers.

It has another MSA2000 attached to it.

I have 4 x RAID 5 VDisks and a disks failed on one of the vdisks.

I logged a call with HP and they sent a new disk and I swapped it out.

The disk failed was Enclosure 1 Bay 6.

The first mail i got was:

A disk channel went to a degraded state. (channel: 0) (reason: excessive errors) EVENT ID:#B2230 EVENT CODE:136 EVENT SEVERITY:Warning

I then got the following mail:

An error was detected by a disk drive. (disk: channel: 0, ID: 5, SN: JK11A8YBJAJPRF, enclosure: 1, slot: 6)(Key,Code,Qual:0xB,0x47,0x3)(CDB:Rd 532e9b00 0080)(CmdSpc:0x0, FRU:0x0, SnsKeySpc:0x0)(Aborted Command, information unit iucrc error detected)

I run the command 'set led disk 1.6 on' to turn the UID on the disk to ensure i pulled the correct disk.

I swapped it out then cleared the metadata and it became available then i added it back into the degraded VDISK.

The rebuild starts but fails after about an hour.

I then recieve the following mails:

A disk that is part of a vdisk is down. (vdisk: VD06) (disk: channel: 0, ID: 5, SN: JK11A6YBJ8VKYD, enclosure: 1, slot: 6) EVENT ID:#B3317 EVENT CODE:8 EVENT SEVERITY:Warning EVENT TIME:2011-05-10 17:25:15
There is a problem with a FRU. (FRU type: disk, enclosure: 1, device ID: 5, vendor: ATA , product ID: Hitachi HUA72202, SN: JK11A6YBJ8VKYD, version: A3EA, related event serial number: B3317, related event code: 8)
A vdisk is critical. (vdisk: VD06, SN: 00c0ff1033a20000fbf5364c00000000) EVENT ID:#B3319 EVENT CODE:1 EVENT SEVERITY:Warning EVENT TIME:2011-05-10 17:25:15

Not sure why it is failing to rebuild?

Any ideas?


Re: MSA2312fc VDISK Rebuild fails!


I would recommend you to log a call with HP and a Level2 analyze the SMU Logs.
Hope you have a Backup and the f.w on the MSA controllers are upto date.

I am an HP employee
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Re: MSA2312fc VDISK Rebuild fails!


I have submitted the logs to HP.

I use this MSA for our enterprise backup system.

Dont really want to lose the VDISK.