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MSA2324fc Loop Port

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MSA2324fc Loop Port

i am new to hp storage

i have sanswitch 2/8 el. the output of switch show is 

port 0: id N2 Online F-Port 21:00:00:1b:32:01:a4:9a
port 1: id N2 Online F-Port 21:00:00:1b:32:01:d7:9b
port 2: id N2 Online L-Port 1 public
port 3: id N2 Online L-Port 1 public


port 2 and port 3 is for storage. idon't know why it is loop.



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Johan Guldmyr
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Re: MSA2324fc Loop Port



you can change the setting on the host ports to be either loop or p2p, change it to p2p. You may need to disable/enable the ports in the switch for the ports to come online.


Loop would be used if the array is connected directly to a server and not to a switch.