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MSA2324fc - udating HDD firmware?

Trygve Henriksen
Respected Contributor

MSA2324fc - udating HDD firmware?

There's probably something elementary I'm missing, but...

We have a MSA2324fc with a few extra shelves attached to it, and want to update all the 'EG0300FARTT' (300GB) HDDs to Firmware revision HPD9, but every time I try I get this message:
Progress of firmware update being performed by controller A:
Not capable of updating the disk at enclosure = 1, slot = 8.
*** Firmware update failed. ***
(Enclosure and slot number is always thee first of the list of drives I attempt to upgrade)

I have a file EG0300FARTT9.frm I try to use.
I log in to the webadmin page, select the drives I want to upgrade, then browse to and select the file and click on [Install Disk Firmware File]
On the last attempt I shut down all servers connected to the SAN and rebooted the controller first.