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MSA2324i HDD firmware for DG146BB976 (rev. HPDD)

Arian van der Pijl
Regular Advisor

MSA2324i HDD firmware for DG146BB976 (rev. HPDD)


I have an MSA2324i with 3 x DG146BB976 HDD disk and 9 x DG0146FAMWL HDD disks.
Both firmware level for all disks is now HPDC.

Both disks can be firmware updated to revision HPDD.

For the DG0146FAMWL drives I can find a firmware updatefile usable for the MSA.

For the DG146BB976 I can only find the Windows update executable;

Both disks can and should be updated to revision HPDD but I cannot find the MSA update file for model DG146BB976.

Am I looking in the wrong direction? ;)