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MSA30 DB disk array

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MSA30 DB disk array

I have a DL380 G4 with the 6i array controller. On the back of it there is a scsi port to run off of a storage system. I also have an Compaq MSA30 with the dual bus scsi, so I know I'll need to either get an array controller or if the ports on the back of the G4 I could run off of 2 servers. The controller I have in the pci 133 slot is a Adaptec SCSI Card 39320A. Will this work? If so what would I use to configure the msa?


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Re: MSA30 DB disk array

The MSA30 is a dump scsi HDD box.


If you want Hardware RAID on the disks, you will need a RAID controller. In your case I will recommend to use a HP Smart Array controller.


Since your MSA30 got a dual port I/O module, the I/O is split in two. First half of the disks is attched to port 1 and the other part is attached to port 2.

The SCSI ID of the drives is the same, no matter if it is a single or dual port I/O module.

So lower ID 0-7 go to port 1 and the upper ID 8-15 go to port 2. Note 7 and 8 is not used by the drives, it is used by the controller.

You can use the SCSI connector on the back of the server, it is connected to the second port of the 6i controller. But do beware!

on the DL380, the HDD backplane can be split into a dual port backplane, if so internal bay 2 -5 will be using the external channel.


The Adaptec controller is a SCSI HBA, not a RAID controller. You can use it, but you will see all the disks directly in the OS, as single disks.




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