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MSA30 REAL Maximum storage

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MSA30 REAL Maximum storage


looking at MSA 30 specifications ( http://h18004.www1.hp.com/storage/disk_storage/msa_diskarrays/drive_enclosures/
ma30/specs.html), it seems that maximum storage is 2 TB, while looking at worldwide quickspecs ( http://h18004.www1.hp.com/products/quickspecs/11738_div/11738_div.html), in the paragraph "Key features" I see: "Provides storage capacity of up to 4.2TB per enclosure (using 300GB 1-inch disk drives)"

Which one is the REAL Maximum Storage? The second seems more logical, but I have to tell to a customer how much storage will be available it he buys this unit, so I'd need not to tell him the wrong figure.

Rob Leadbeater
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Re: MSA30 REAL Maximum storage


The MSA30 is just an Ultra320 disk shelf, with 14 slots, so in theory it can hold up to 4.2TB of disks.

In reality though, 300GB = 286GB when you convert marketing GB to real GB, which takes you down to 4005GB.

The 2TB maximum mentioned in the specs. is the maximum size logical disk that can be created on a SmartArray controller which the MSA30 would usually be connected to.

Therefore assuming NO redundancy, you could create 2 logical RAID-0 disks, consisting of 7 drives, each of ~2002GB.

Hope this helps,