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MSA30 and NetRaid 3Si

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Pablo Bezares
Occasional Visitor

MSA30 and NetRaid 3Si

Hi, I have an MSA30 with 4 146GB ultra320 drives attached to a Netserver with Netraid 3Si 2 of the external channels are connected to 2 HP RS12 and the MSA30 to the other one. The problem is that, even the data on the MSA30 is accessible, the 3 lights on the disk on ID 0 are always blinking. The i/o module, EMU, hard drive has been swaped on the MSA30 and still same behaivor.

What can be causing this?

kris rombauts
Honored Contributor

Re: MSA30 and NetRaid 3Si

Hi Pablo,

this configuration is not supported, the 3Si has never been tested with the MSA30.

3Si is U2 and MSA30 is U320 which on itself is not an issue but both parts use a different self monitoring technology and you will have no way to know what is wrong with the MSA or it's disks if their is an issue with i.e. temperature, FANs, power supplies, scsi errors or disk errors etc.
You can check the Netraid Assistant log file for any entries comin from that channel that goes to the MSA30.
Also i am wondering how the toptools agents will react (if installed) to the presence of this 'unknown device'.

If you want to determine if their is a problem with your MSA 30 or not (because of the blinking led) then best action is to connect to a server with a SmartArray controller and see if the led still blinks or not.

So no tested/official support on this configuration and no real tools/features are in place to manage this configuration properly, so it's use at own risk.


Pablo Bezares
Occasional Visitor

Re: MSA30 and NetRaid 3Si

Thanks Kris,

I belive your are correct, I was also suspecting this but a don't find any link with details for the Netraid. The EMU on the MSA30 is a -003 (fault bus compatible), but I don't know about the Netraid.

Thanks a lot!