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MSA500 G2 SSP Issue

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MSA500 G2 SSP Issue

I have two DL380 G4 with single SCSI port connected to MSA500 G2 each other. MSA500 G2 has active/standby controller. One DL380 G4 has been single mscs cluster node. So we want to reinstall another DL380 G4 then add the node as the second mscs cluser node. We did as follows.

■We update the FW&driver with HP FW maintenance CD8.7 and SmartStart CD V8.3 for the secondary DL380 G4 server.

■Reinstalling W2K3 Ent SP1 and tried to reconfigure MSA500 SSP.However, we failed to do that. Our MSA500 LUN setting is as follows.
Let me name the single mscs cluster node as SVR001, another server as SVR002.

== MSA500 G2 SSP Setting before reinstalling SVR002 ====

LUN1&2 ==> SVR002
LUN3&4 ==> SVR001 (Quorum and Data disk for mscs)

After reinstalling SVR002, We must make the following SSP changed.

LUN3&4 ==> SVR001&SVR002

Then, we opened ACU and choose MSA500 G2 controoler ==> SSP, unchecked LUN1&2 for SVR002 and checked LUN3&4 for SVR002, However, It made our MSCS cluster down, and after rebooting SVR001&SVR002,SSP setting for MSA500 was cleared. I tried to reconfigure SSP setting but the message of "Nothing can not be saved to controller" was shown so that I can not reconfigure MSA500 G2 SSP setting. Also, My Cluster node can not be started. Finally, I tried to disable SSP setting, then I got LUN1-4 back but we wonder why the SSP was cleared? Did anyone suffer the same problem?