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MSA500 G2: "Delete" Lun not present!!!!

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MSA500 G2: "Delete" Lun not present!!!!

I have an MSA 500 G2 storage connected to four hosts via SCSI HBAs using Selective Storage Presentation feature. We have created around 14 Luns on the storage using the same disk array. Now, I want to remove some Luns associated to one server. After unpresenting Luns that were connected to the host, I can't find the "Delete" option when selecting a Lun. For information, I see the "Delete" on one Lun only (the last one).


Any idea please to delete the MSA Luns? Thanks.

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Re: MSA500 G2: "Delete" Lun not present!!!!

Hi There,


What is the exact configuration, can you share ADU / ACU report.


Is there any parity initialization taking place or rebuild / IO operation ? Any network share or application being used to manage the storage drives?




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Re: MSA500 G2: "Delete" Lun not present!!!!



the MSA500 works like a smart array controller. You cannot delete a LUN in the middle. Only the last LUN can be deleted. This is by design.