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Megan G
Occasional Contributor


I'm looking to expand the storage I have in my ML350 G5. It's an Exchange server running Windows Server2003 enterprise and exchange 2003 enterprise. It's currently loaded with 300GB 15k LFF SAS drives (biggest and fastest available at the time of purchase) and I can't expand any further. I'd like to get at least another 2TB of space for the thing, for future expansion and routine maintenance. I need fast I/O since it's an Exchange server, so SAS is the only option.

I was looking at the MSA60, and have a question regarding the dual domain SAS drives. From what I understand, the MSA60 is a poor man's NAS or SAN. Would this allow me to connect two ML350 G5 servers with P800 array controllers to the MSA60 so I can use the disk arrays on the MSA60 as shared storage to setup clustered Exchange servers?

My primary concern at the moment is to expand the storage space in the server. I've approached managemed a while ago requesting an MSA product, but they believe the enclosure isn't reliable. They are also interested in clustered Exchange servers, so I think I could use this to my advantage.... I obviously don't share management's opinion on the product. I'm not interested in going the EVA route quite yet, and can't get the budget for a SAN. I'm interested in hearing people's opinions and suggestions as to what I could do to expand the storage. I believe the MSA is the way to go, but I need to present different options to management. Thanks.
Víctor Cespón
Honored Contributor

Re: MSA60

Hi, check MSA60 quickspecs:
Although Dual Domain is supported on ProLiant servers with Smart Array P800, that does not mean it supports Multi Initiator. That's supported only on some Integrity servers with SC44Ge Host Bus Adapter.
But this box can be used to expand the storage space on the server, direct-attached. You can add 12 x 300 GB SAS or 12 x 1 TB SATA.