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MSA70 Expansion / Cabling

Kristian Winter
Occasional Contributor

MSA70 Expansion / Cabling

I plan now to expand our MSA70. And with the wiring I'm not sure.

Current status:
- 1 Server, 1 Enclosure (single enclosure configuration)

Should state:
- the existing system should be as remain
- in the server there is an additional Raid Controller
- on this raid controller should be connected by dual domain cabling 2x Enclosures

Unfortunately, these variants instructions not to install. There is only dual domain cabling
with 1x Enclosure and 3x Enclosure!Not with dual domain cabling and 2x Enclosures.

Link to the Installation instruction:

Thanks !
Honored Contributor

Re: MSA70 Expansion / Cabling


2 or 3, it's the same.

It's stait forward.

You can printout the instruction. and draw 2 lines through enclosure 2, as it was not there.

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Re: MSA70 Expansion / Cabling

There's an In port and a Out port, on all enclosures.

Cable from HBA to in port
Cable from out port to in port on the next.
If you have more you continou from out to in.

In the guide they take the upper HBA port, and put in the in port on the upper enclosure.
Then they go from the put port on the upper enclosure, to in port on the enclosure below.
and the next the next.

You only need to go out to in, once.

The other port of the HBA go to the other side, and start from the bottom.

HBA > In - Out > in .......
HBA > In - Out > in .......