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MSA70 Firmware Upgrade

Paul Houghton
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MSA70 Firmware Upgrade



I  need to attach an MSA70 to a p2000G3 SFF. As far as I can tell the MSA70 firmware needs to be at 2.28. I'm trying to upgrade the firmware using the 9.30 Firmware CD (created on USB using HP USB Tool), the MSA is directly attached to a server.  When I boot the server from the Firmware CD I don't see any option or any mention of the MSA in the Update Firmware screen.  When I boot into windows i can see the MSA and I've ran the ADU and as far as i can tell the MSA firmware is 2.18.


Its connected via P212 .


I've been through the MSA70 Firmware update document and all it says is to boot from the Smart Update CD and follow the instruction.  Can anyone advise?



Hiren N Dave
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Re: MSA70 Firmware Upgrade