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MSA70 > C3000 Data in Place


MSA70 > C3000 Data in Place

Hi All, 


I am after some advise in connecting an MSA70 that is presently carved up into 12 x 500GB LUN's over VRAID5 presented to a HP Proliant, to a C3000 blade enclosure. 


The MSA70 is connected directly to the Proliant via a SAS controller. 


I understand that SAS modules are available for the C3000 but I'm not sure if a) We have the space available, as the 4 I/O slots on the C3000 are taken up my Ethernet in the top, and Brocade FC switches in the bottom, so I'm not sure I have the space. 


The only other option I see is to hook the MSA70 up to a MSA2000fc 'head' and utilise spare FC ports on the Brocades, however the key to all this is that the data remains in place and I'm not sure that the MSA2000 controllers won't want to format the drives in the MSA70 in order to make them readable, thus destroying data in the process.


Any ideas on this would be greatly appreciated. 




Mr R Harris

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Re: MSA70 > C3000 Data in Place

Connecting this MSA70 to a MSA2000 with data in place will IMHO not work, because the MSA2k will write the vdisk information to the disks (format).

Hope this helps!

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Johan Guldmyr
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Re: MSA70 > C3000 Data in Place


a) you do not have space available, there's only for interconnect modules.

Is there somewhere you could put the data on in between hooking the MSA70 up to the MSA2000 and creating vdisks?
Maybe via backup or something like that?