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MSA70 vs MSA2024sa


MSA70 vs MSA2024sa

I've been looking at upgrading our AX100 to a msa 70 or 2024sa

I have a couple of concerns that I'm not sure about though.

If I got the 70 I want to attach it to 2 p800 controllers to create an active/active connection?

So if One controller failes, the other will pick right up where the failed controller left off.

can the msa70 with 2 p800 controllers do that?

If we don't go that route, I'm 99% sure the msa2024 can do that.

Ultimately I want half the disk to be on raided for exchange and the other half raided for storage. Each server using a controller, but if one of the controllers fails, storage will continue to run till we replace the controller.

Thanks in advance.
Respected Contributor

Re: MSA70 vs MSA2024sa

according product bulletin: "On HP ProLiant servers Dual Domain support is available for the HP Smart Array P800 attached to a MSA70 with the addition of the HP StorageWorks Dual Domain I/O Module Option (AG779A). (Single initiator environment only.)"

So, it's better to use 2024 if you need A\A scheme.
Johan Guldmyr
Honored Contributor

Re: MSA70 vs MSA2024sa

MSA2024 can do it, just make sure you get the two controllers :)