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MSCS 2K and RS12FC Shared Nothing

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Elliot C. Rosenfeld
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MSCS 2K and RS12FC Shared Nothing

Can a logical drive to be used by MSCS span 2 seperate RS12FC's. Like spanning Raid 0+1 across both arrays. If so what do I need besides the Arrays? FCswitch, FChub ? Do I need a drive in each slot or can I fill up a portion?
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Enes Dizdarevic
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Re: MSCS 2K and RS12FC Shared Nothing

In RS12/FC you can not create arrays using drives from different boxes. In win2k cluster you can not use dynamic disks as shared disks, so the answer is no.
There are third party software products which enable using dynamic disks as shared disks in ms cluster. One of them is Veritas Volume manager. (Verias is vendor of disks subsystem for win2k). With VVM you can have two boxes (connected to servers using one HBA for each box), create arrays of identical sizes on each box and mirror them using software level mirroring. (Similar solution as using LVM mirroring in HP UX MC/ServiceGuard).