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Madness trying to expand a SA-6402 array


Madness trying to expand a SA-6402 array

Apologies to those who've already read this message in the Proliant forum; I realised (too late) that this forum existed, and my message was more relevant here ..

Compaq array controllers used to be the best in the world. After this weekend's experiences, I'm not so sure this is the case any more.

I have two NetWare 6.5 servers, both DL380G3's with Smart Array 6402 controllers, both with 3 x 72Gb drives and both needing more space. So I've added an extra 72Gb drive to each, and now need to expand the arrays.

Let the fun commence:

1) CPQONLIN.NLM doesn't support any "6th generation" controller. Why not? You tell me, HPaq sure won't. "Online" expansion/migration - one of the major selling points of Smart Array controllers a few years back - is no longer an option. Mail HPaq support, they say to use the RBSU. Great, let's arrange some downtime ..

2) Reboot into RBSU - ah, it doesn't allow you to expand an array, only to create/delete one. Where's that SmartStart CD?

3) Reboot with SmartStart 7.0 (mounted via the iLo), click on ACU. Few seconds later, the error:

"Connection refused on"

... followed by nothing.

So I'm left with a system that's got an extra drive that I can't use. And this is progress? A 5-year-old SA-2DH can be expanded, but a 5-week-old SA-6402 can't?
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Re: Madness trying to expand a SA-6402 array

Did we not address this problem and your solution? Or are you trying to slap HP. As I said before. It seems they have removed or have not developed, a solution for Netware for this controller, beyond the BIOS configuration tool. I still would be interested in the OEM of the board. I have never seen one of the new SA-6400 series so I do not know who is he actual manufacturer.
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Re: Madness trying to expand a SA-6402 array

Apologies, I accidentally marked your reply in the other forum as "solved", when I was merely trying to be grateful for your reponse!

As for trying to slap HP; partly, yes, but I also realised too late that there was a seperate Storage forum, and perhaps my question would be better answered in here.

I still have no way of expanding this array remotely; HP initially responded by saying there was no way to run ACU remotely, and are now saying I CAN run ACU via SmartStart over the iLo, I just need to downgrade the memory in my server to less than 1Gb. I have no idea how I'm going to manage that remotely, can I set it from the BIOS? I'll soon find out.

I find the whole situation farcical. From being able to reconfigure an array with a few keypresses and no downtime, I now have to fiddle around with SmartStart and memory configurations.