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Manufacturer of Cache Backup Batteries

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Manufacturer of Cache Backup Batteries

The batteries of the Array Accelerator Cache of our SmART 2/P are dead. As there are no replacement parts available for the smart 2/P Array Controller the only recommended solution to this failure would be the upgrade to the 3200 Array Controller, which is not a current product anymore.

As the server which contains this controller isn't overloaded in any way it would be no problem, to use the Array without accelerator board - if you hadn't to manually enter F1 at boot as long as your battery isn't ok.
So I thought it would be worth to try to replace the batteries - but I did not succeed in finding a battery manufacturer who could iderntify the type of rechargeable batteries used on the accelerator board.

Does anybody know the OEM manufacturer of the batteries used in the original (4MB) Accelerator boards?

Any hints would be appreciated.

Otherwise I think I'll have to replace the whole server - because I don't like to buy new boards which are not current at the date of purchase - and therefore have a very limited time of availability of replacement parts in case of failure.