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Mapping Logical Drive to OS drive letter

Mike Kapos_3

Mapping Logical Drive to OS drive letter

Hey all,

I'm hoping someone can help me here. I have a DL580 with 2 5300 Array cards in it. Attached to each 5300 raid cards are 2 drive shelves for a total of 4 drive shelves.

Each drive shelf is a RAID 5 array with 1 logical drive. So I'm presenting 4 logical drives to my Windows 2000 OS.

Now this server has been in operation for a long time and I was not the one who build it up. What I need to do is remove one of the drive shelves to use on a different server. I've already cleared off one drive and it's ready to be removed BUT how to I map the logical drive letter in windows to the logical raid drive?

I'm hoping there is an easy way and I'm just missing it..

Thanks for any help in advance...