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Max PE per PV

Sanjiv Sharma_1
Honored Contributor

Max PE per PV


I have a 2 node (rp8400 and L3000)/HP-UX 11i cluster connected to XP512.

I have initially got a volumegroup vg06 with "Max PE per PV = 1016" and "PE Size = 8 MB". Earlier I had OPEN-9 Luns of XP512 of 7 GB. This can be seen through vgdisplay.

Now I have new OPEN-E Luns of XP512 of 14 GB. When I extend vg06 with two more OPEN-E luns, I am getting only 16 GB free space out of 28 GB.

Can I change "Max PE per PV" ?

Is there any other method through which I can utilize the total capacity of OPEN-E luns in vg06?

Everything is possible
Paul Barmettler
Frequent Advisor

Re: Max PE per PV


I'm sorry. You've no chance. The only way is to create a new vg with a higher value of "Max PE per PV", mount it and copy the data into the new vg.

Honored Contributor

Re: Max PE per PV

this has been configrmed many times I'm afraid.. seach "PE per PV" in the ITRC search.

I'd suggest in any case to increase the "PE size" NOT the Max PEs/PV say 64MB (up to 256MB), and REDUCE "max PE/PV" to 1024.

It works for me (tm)
Rob Tedesco_1
Occasional Visitor

Re: Max PE per PV

I had a thought, and I'm not sure this would work, but if someone has tested it or can verify its validity or verify that it definitely will not work, that would be a big help.

To increase Max PE per PV, could you add the larger disk to the volume group, export the volume group, and the import the volume group? Would the volume group then get rebuilt with a new Max PE per PV, or do the volume group parameters come back exactly as they were created?

Is this behavior different if you use a map file vs. not using a map file?