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Migrate Raid-1 to Raid-5

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Migrate Raid-1 to Raid-5

I was planning on adding two more 36.4 GB Ultra3 scsi to our proliant ml350 server already setup with raid 1. It has the Smart array 532 controller and I've loaded the array configuration utility. I will only be able to purchase one drive and have to migrate the raid-1 to raid-5. Partitions C: hold OS, and partion D: contain user files. I have not done this before and need some help on how to go about doing this using ACU.

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Re: Migrate Raid-1 to Raid-5


First question I have for you is...

Do you have 1 Logical Drive with 2 partitions on it?

Or do you have 2 logical drives each with a single partition?

The initial steps are easy...

1. Plug the drive in
2. Use ACU to Expand the Array with the new drive

Once complete, you will have the free space available in the array to eeither..

1. Extend a Logical drive
2. Create a new Logical Drive
3. Convert a logical drive from R1 to R5

Before you do this though, lets try to find out the best way. Please post info about your drive configuration. A screen shot of the Windows Disk Manager should suffice if your not sure.

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