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Migrating Raid0 to Raid1 on Cpq Smart Array 5i

Clayton Groom
Occasional Visitor

Migrating Raid0 to Raid1 on Cpq Smart Array 5i

I have a windows 2000 server (Compaq DL380) with a striped (Raid0 on 2 18gb drive) C: drive that I would like to convert to Raid1. The Array managment tools apparently do not allow this particular conversion. If anyone could provide me with the steps necessary to convert this volume from Raid0 to Raid1, I would appreciate it.

There is only the OS, Veritas 9.0 and a few other programs on the C: volume, with two volumes, one on the same array controller as the c: volume (E:, 4 18gb drives), and one on an external Raid5 array (F:, 6 36 gb drives with 1 hot spare).

I have enough room on the external array to empty the E: volume to, which may or may not help. If I remember correctly, the boot volume has to include drive 0 of the array.

I would like to be able to do the conversion without having to do a full restore of all volumes on the system. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I want to get this converted before one of the striped drives fails again.


Marino Meloni_1
Honored Contributor

Re: Migrating Raid0 to Raid1 on Cpq Smart Array 5i

I'm not sure you will be allowed to migrate a raid zero with two disk to a raid one with two disk.
Usualy you can migrate from raid zero with one disk to raid one with two disks , or form raid zero with two disks to raid one with four disks.
You need to open ACU (array Configuration Utility), then selection your free disk, you can have the choise of the action to do when you insert them in the existing raid: expand atual raid, change raid level, make hot spare.
Dan Baxter
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Re: Migrating Raid0 to Raid1 on Cpq Smart Array 5i

Migrating from Raid 0 to Raid 1 isn't a supported function. If you think about it, you are cutting your logical drive space in half, not something you can do on the fly. I would suggest you use a program such as Ghost to take snapshots of the partitions on that array set. Then delete and recreate the set in a mirrored configuration. Recreate the partitions and then put your snapshots back down on top. We have done that in our environment and it works just fine.
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