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Re: Migrating disk encl between loops

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Migrating disk encl between loops

I've got a question regarding connecting disk encl to EVA6400. There are 2 loops DP1 and DP2. If there are 6 disk encl, 3 connected to DP1 and 3 to DP2 and I add 2 new on the top. I would like to migrate one of the already connected disk encl to bottom loop, to have 4 bottom encl on loop 1 and 4 top on loop 2.
Is it possible to do this online? It would require connecting one of encl to both loops. What would happend?
Johan Guldmyr
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Re: Migrating disk encl between loops


I've seen this a few times when people just don't want to re-shuffle all the shelves when adding a new disk shelf.

That'll _probably_ work just fine.

However, it's not supported so if you do run into issues on the back-end loop you know what the support will say.

But, another thing that would worry me a little is what will happen to the disks that the EVA thought were in disk enclosure 4 suddenly pup up in enclosure 2.
In regards to that I don't know what will happen. Suppose the EVA communicates via the address of each disk, is that location independent?


HP StorageWorks EVA6400/8400 M6412A disk enclosure installation instructions (5697-0474, June 2010)



for the supported cablings.
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Re: Migrating disk encl between loops


Adding Enclousres to each loop would be online, but moving the enclosure from one loop to another loop should not done online.

Any point of time one loop connection would be suffecient to do the IO activity but at the same time both IOs should not be connected to Different Loops like one Port to DP1 and second port to DP2.

If you want to move the enclosure from one loop to another need to down the EVA and remove both loops and connect that enclosure to another loop and power on.