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Minimum Disks

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Minimum Disks

Is it possible to use RAID 10 with only 2 disks ? I understand RAID 10 to be:

2 mirrored sets
striped data across the 2 sets

please correct me if I am wrong.
Jefferson Humber
Honored Contributor

Re: Minimum Disks

Technically NO.

However most RAID controllers call 2 disks mirrored this name i.e SA 5i in my DL360 G3.

On the MSA if you have more than one mirrored pair in an array it automatically stripes across them, thus creating a RAID10 set in the process.


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Ivan Ferreira
Honored Contributor

Re: Minimum Disks

RAID 10 cannot be created with two disks. You need two mirrors.
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Jaime Bolanos Rojas.
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Re: Minimum Disks


You need 4 disks minimum to do this type of raid.

This site is very good to ilustrade raids,



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