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Mirror on HP lc2000

Morris Gomes
Occasional Visitor

Mirror on HP lc2000

Can some one please help with with this question I would appreciate it very much. I have a hp netserver lc2000 with a scsi 18.2 gig HDD and just brought a another 18.2 scsi HDD to add as a mirror.How do i go about making mirror of the orginal so that the second drive acts as a backup of the orginal drive.I have tried using the Netserver Navigator.

Re: Mirror on HP lc2000

there basically 2 different ways to do this:
- hardware mirroring - add a RAID controller to your system and configure this controller to mirror the disks in RAID1
- depending on the Operating System you're using you can configure software mirroring in most standard Operating Systems.
Each solution has pro's and con's. My preference would be using hardware mirroring because of performance/reliability but of course this is a more expensive solution.
I hope this helps you further