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Mirror to Raid 5


Mirror to Raid 5

Hi ya

Ive got a server which currently runs a mirror raid (2 X 72G).I want to add a third disk and convert the raid to raid 5.
Is it a matter of breaking the mirror in acu and converting it to raid 5.
Ive done adding disk in an already raid 5 system but i havent converted from mirror to raid 5 before.
Is there any info or issues i need to look out for

Basil Vizgin
Honored Contributor

Re: Mirror to Raid 5

After adding disk to array (expanding) you can simple migrate from Raid1 to RAID5 by ACU (RAID Level migration).
Upgrade to latest firmware before processing.
Trusted Contributor

Re: Mirror to Raid 5

Hi Edmund

As said you need to be very keen about the Firmware of the disks and the Raid Controller.Make sure the new disks is in sync with the old disks in all perspectives.Also do upgarde the latest firmware to your Raid Card.

If you are confirmed with these then you can straight away upgarade your Raid Level.But your Raid card should support tis upgradation facility.