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Mirroring between MSA20 volumes

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Mirroring between MSA20 volumes

Hi there,

We have a number of MSA20s attached to a windows server, each one populated with enough disks to make 2x 2TB logical volumes in a RAID-5 with hot spares.

However, for redundancy purposes, we also want to setup mirroring between a primary and a redundant MSA, to protect against a failure of an entire disk array. Is this possible? I'd like to do it in hardware rather than using software if possible.

Thanks very much for your help.
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Re: Mirroring between MSA20 volumes


It may not be possible to mirror the 2 MSA20 boxes in Hardware Level.

Instead you can create Dyamic volume for Each MSA and you can configure Mirror volume using windows Disk managemet.

It would be economic also.

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Re: Mirroring between MSA20 volumes

Thanks Siva,

Do you know what kind of performance Windows software mirroring gives? I've been trying to find some figures out there but there doesn't seem to be much around.

We've all been told hardware is better, but I'd like to see some figures really, to determine if we can take the performance hit or not.

One other thing - is software mirroring CPU or memory intensive? Or both? We can always try throwing more of each at the problem if this is the only way forward.

Thanks again for your help!