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Missing steps with HSZ software upgrade.

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Missing steps with HSZ software upgrade.


I need to do an HSOF5.2 > HSOF5.7 shutdown
upgrade of a Dual-Redundant HSZ50 Controllers.

As per the HSOF5.7 release notes, the procedure is as folows:
1. Halt all host I/O activity to the controller and prepare the host system for a
controller shutdown using the appropriate procedures for your operating

2. Establish a local connection to the controller through the maintenance port
of the controller.

3. Enter the SET NOFAILOVER command to take the controllers out of dualredundant
(failover) mode.

4. Shutdown the controller with the following command:
Before continuing, wait until the Reset button on the controller
stops flashing (lit continuously.

5. Remove the PCMCIA program card ESD cover from the controller.

6. While pressing and holding the controller Reset button, press the program
card eject button to eject the program card from the controller. Release the
button after the card is ejected.

7. Press and hold the Reset button while inserting the new program card.
Release the button after the new card is inserted.

8. Replace the ESD cover on the controller, pushing the locking pins to secure
them in place.

9. Mount the storage units on the host. Resume I/O activity to the controller.

10. Repeat 5 through 9 for the second controller.

11. After you complete all of the above steps on both controllers, put the controllers
back into dual-redundant (failover) mode by entering the following


The precedure does not say when to shutdown the other controller!

I appreciate your comments.

NB: I use to do such upgrade for HSG80, but there I use to change the PCMCIA cards simultenously and reboot

I wonder if this also can be done with HSZ50

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Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: Missing steps with HSZ software upgrade.

If I remember correctly, the 'other' controller will automatically shutdown when you execute the command
on 'this' controller.
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Re: Missing steps with HSZ software upgrade.

I went through many upgrades with HSZ50s and 70s -- and my recollection is that it depends on the delta you're making in the firmware. There are some jumps you can make switching both cards at once. There are also risks with losing your configuration and having to rebuild parts of it if you do it incorrectly.

Unless you can get someone from StorageWorks support to confirm otherwise I would follow the procedure in the release notes.

The point where you shut down the other controller is at the same time that you shut down the 1st one as far as I can infer from the instructions. That is, both controllers are shut down in parallel. Unless the instructions really meant to say Repeat steps 4-9 instead of 5-9. This is worth asking to HP StorageWorks support.

I also suggest verifying that important settings did indeed get preserved on the other controller. Also check the status of your Units and your Raidsets and so on to make sure nothing got into a sandtrap before continuing. In fact, I heartily recommend carefully reviewing the status of all that before starting the first upgrade -- make sure everything is as clean as possible beforehand. If there's anything out of kilter you want it cleared up before doing the upgrade if you can do it.

Master you were right about 1 thing -- the negotiations were SHORT!
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Re: Missing steps with HSZ software upgrade.

Thanks Uwe & Robert,

The problem is one controller is not responding from the serial port, so if i do nofailover, I will not be able to shutdown the other controller, because with nofailover you need to be directly connected.

Any more hints ?


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