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Mixing VA7410 with EVA4100

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Mixing VA7410 with EVA4100

I have a rp7405 running 11.23 with a va7410 array in a SG cluster. We are going to add in an EVA4100 and migrate the data from the va7410 to the EVA4100. The va7410 is connected via two A6795A (2Gb FC Cards) HBA's through a switch. The EVA4100 will be connected via two AB378A (4Gb FC cards) to a different switch. We want to run Secure Path for the EVA. The question is, upon loading Secure Path will it try to take over the HBA's that are associated with the VA7410s? Or will it just ignore them? My hope is that it will just ignore them, or at worst case require that they need to be added manually. The end result is that we want to be able to create a 2nd mirror copy on the EVA, and then remove the va7410s.
Mark E Duhamel
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Re: Mixing VA7410 with EVA4100


SecurePath for EVA 4/6/8xxx is in an active/active mode (vs active/passive for EVA 3/5xxx
As far as I know (nether tested), autopath also works with VA array, though it is not mandatory to use it under HP-UX : LVM PV Link works well. So there is a strong chance that autopath will take over the HBA that are associated with the VA.

But I don't think it is a problem :

- autopath doesn't create a pseudo device disk file like securepath does. So all /dev/dsk/xxxx from VA 7410 you are using today will still be available after installing the product.
- though I don't see why you could need it, you can tell autopath to NOT manage specified LUNs (autopath delete ...).