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Mixing Vraid 1 & Vraid 5

Jason Ng Teng Po
Frequent Advisor

Mixing Vraid 1 & Vraid 5

Hi all.

Just curious, can I create 1x10gb vdisk using Vraid1 and 1x10gb vdisk using Vraid5 on a same disk group?

Will it affect the disk group performance in any way?

And what happens if in the diskgroup, one of the disk failed if I mix vraid1 and 5?
Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: Mixing Vraid 1 & Vraid 5

You can certainly mix VRAID-levels for different virtual disks in a disk group, because the group does not have a VRAID-level - that has been possible since day 1.

Except for some 'rumors' I have never seen any official documetns that this could create a performance problem.

The missing data is recovered from the VRAID-1 or VRAID-5 redundancy information and then the data is re-leveled. This is completely transparent.

You can also use VRAID-0, 1 and 5 in the same disk group, although some very, very well thinking should be done before really using 0.
Honored Contributor

Re: Mixing Vraid 1 & Vraid 5