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Mod 20 Array with 18Gb disk

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Thomas Warren_1
Occasional Contributor

Mod 20 Array with 18Gb disk

Hello All, thank you for your help. This is the situation.

We had an old MOD 20 Array with the 2x SP's. We removed 20x A5133A 18Gb disk from a working Mod-30 array, and installed them into the 20.

We are getting a message that seems to imply the 20x disk that came from the Mod 30, have a different microcode than what the Mod 20, needs.

We have a dumb terminal hooked up to the Mod 20 serial port, and can manipulate the array. I HAVE been told you can reset the microcode so the array will go out and use whatever microcode is on the disk, rather than search for what is not there??

has anyone had a similar problem?? i've also been told that you can put a disk from a working identical mod 20 and flash the code to the rest of the disk, but I have no idea how we could find a disk with the proper code?

Any suggestions!!
David Bell_1
Honored Contributor

Re: Mod 20 Array with 18Gb disk


The Model 30 does indeed have different firmware than that of the Model 20. If memory serves correctly, on the Model 20, there are four "data vault" disks that contain microcode. If one of those disks are put into the array in the data vault slot and other disks added, they can write microcode to the other drives providing the other drives do not contain "newer" microcode. I think the microcode on the Model 30 would prove to be a "newer" and rather different microcode.

I'm not familiar with an initialization routine that would remove the microcode unless formatting the disks does that. In any case, the fastest and most assured resolution would be a call to the local HP office and have them install new microcode on the SPs as well as the disks.


Tony Bacon
Frequent Advisor

Re: Mod 20 Array with 18Gb disk

Hello Thomas,

We havent seen this trouble before, they should work just fine. Did you try and add them without code and bind them. If that doesnt work, give us a call. Our technician Jeff can be reached at 651-393-6309 and offer help to you at no charge.


Tony Bacon
Vincent Farrugia
Honored Contributor

Re: Mod 20 Array with 18Gb disk


There is no way Model 30 disks would have the same microcode as Model 20 disks.

At startup, the Nike 20 tries to find the microcode from 1 of 4 disks, namely disks at slots A0, B0, C0 and A3. If it finds it from 1 of them, it loads it and continues to boot from there. If not, it hangs. You filled these slots with Nike 30 disks, which obviously does not contain the necessary code required and it does not boot.

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