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Mod 20

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Mod 20

I have an older disk array model 20 (A3232A) that seems to be very slow (all disk activity is slow, read and write). There is plenty of RAM (512mg) and swap space. I am still attempting to configure the system so there are no other resources being consumed. It is connected to a HP9000 800 Class system running HPUX 10.20. I just upgraded the system from HPUX 10.10 and I removed all files from the disk array and reconfigured it. Root disk activity is normal. My question is... are there any patches that address the speed for the Model 20? Any and all other hints or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you
Super Advisor

Re: Mod 20

The best thing to do is look in the ITRC opatch database for patches. I did and there are many.
Look for patches for the SCSI subsystem, and drivers for the SCSI controller installed in the server.
Without having the specifics of your system, this is the best I can do.