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Model 20 Disk Array Subsystem Fault

Eric Firkey
Regular Advisor

Model 20 Disk Array Subsystem Fault

I am trying to set up a model 20 with 20 18gb drives. I currently have it plugged into a dummy terminal and booted up. At the presentation utility I have a subsystem fault and also a fault light on the front of the machine. The Unsolicited event log shows the following error "Image larger than memory". There are 2 sp620 controllers with 8mb memory per controller. The current system memory configuration is:
total physical memory 8mb
system buffer size 4mb
write cache size 2mb
read cache size 2mb
optimized raid3 memory size 0mb
available memory 0mb

The prom revision is 1.63
microcode revision 09.56.07

The error doesn't show until the presentation utility finishes testing and shows all the unbound drives

Any ideas? Thanks
Eric Firkey
Regular Advisor

Re: Model 20 Disk Array Subsystem Fault

OK I was able to update to prom 1.73. Now I have dabase sync errors on all the disks and vault disk scrambled for the controller. Anyone know how to fix these errors?