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Model 30/FC Disk Array Shutdown

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Donovan Murray
Occasional Visitor

Model 30/FC Disk Array Shutdown

Hi Guys:

What is the procedure to totally shutdown a Model 30/FC array (flush cache,remove power, etc) ?

Bernhard Neuhaus
Occasional Visitor

Re: Model 30/FC Disk Array Shutdown

Hello Donovan!

When you hit the POFF button, the BBU should maintain power to the entire box until the cache is flushed to the disks, then the array will be powered off.
However, I recommend to force the posting of the dirty cache lines by disabling the write cache via the Gridmanager first.
Power off this array only when absolutely necessary!

Hope this helps, Bernhard.
Insu Kim
Honored Contributor

Re: Model 30/FC Disk Array Shutdown

Stop IO, unmount file system and deactivate logical volume group.
Please, verify that there are no Dirty pages by taking a look at that ADP, BDP and UDP are all 0% on the presentation screen.
If they're not, you can set those values to zero by disabling cache (Read/Write) to ensure no data lost from dirty pages.
Now, you can cycle the power.

But what I'm doing is,
1) shutdown system
2) power cycling the array.

Never say "no" first.