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Monitoring BC progress

Nguyen Anh Tien
Honored Contributor

Monitoring BC progress

HI Gurus
I have 02 questions related to EVA and EVA's software.
1, Is it possible to create an user who just have view permission when log in Command view EVA?
2, Is there any way to monitor BC progress (not use Command View EVA)? We have 02 BC job that take 2 hours to completed so I need to monitor to determine how many percent it done in the time I check ? I though that we could use SSSU to check this progress right??
Thank you in advance

HP is simple
Peter Mattei
Honored Contributor

Re: Monitoring BC progress

No 1:
Out of the Command View installation manual:
Creating users on Windows
After installing HP Command View EVA, a Windows user with administrator privileges must create accounts for other Windows users and assign them to one of the following groups:

HP Storage Adminsâ Members have view and manage capabilities for HP Command View EVA and SMI-S EVA.

HP Storage Usersâ Members have view capability only for HP Command View EVA and SMI-S EVA.
These groups are created when you install HP Command View EVA. See your Windows user documentation for more information.

No 2:
I assume you can use either CV CLI, or RSM CLUI or SSSU but have not tried it.
Probably some other peers can help!

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Bill Costigan
Honored Contributor

Re: Monitoring BC progress

You can use sssu, but there is not a Percent complete value you can check.

You didn't say if you are using mirrors, clones or snapshots. Each may require looking at a different value.

For example, for a clone you could do a ls full on the clone virutal disk and see how much space it is using. [It's done when the source and clone both are using the same amount of disk]