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Move MSA between Smart Array cards?

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Move MSA between Smart Array cards?

Hi There,

We have a DL360G3 with a SA-642 card in it. Attached to the card is a MSA20 (w 12 SATA drives) with a single logical drive (raid 1+0). I would like to change out the SA-642 for a SA-6402 so that i can connect another MSA20 (that we have spare).

My question is, will the SA-6402 recognize the logical drive from the SA-642 card and will it all "just work"...?

PS: Or can i connect the 2nd MSA20 to the internal channel of the SA-642 somehow?


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Re: Move MSA between Smart Array cards?

If you look on the bottom of this page http://h18012.www1.hp.com/products/servers/proliantstorage/arraycontrollers/smartarray642/index.html you will see that there is data compatibility between the 642 and 6402. SO you can do what you are planning. Before starting any major disk changes run one or two backups.