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Move Proliant 4L6i Storage Box from ML370G2 to DL380G5

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Move Proliant 4L6i Storage Box from ML370G2 to DL380G5

I have a proliant 4L6i Storage box connected to a ML370G2 server using a SA5300 Controller.
We need to move the storage box to a new DLL380 G5 having a SA6404 Controller.The storage box as of now has 6x 146 GB SCSI drives I need to added another 8 X 146 GB drives and expand the array. All this and the array data should now be seen from the new DL380 G5 server. I need to know the best practices involved in doing this.

A rough plan would be like

1. Backup the data on the array onto tapes and have a dowble take mirror as well handy.
2. Down the old ML370 and disconnect the storage box from it.
3. Conect the storage box to the new DL380 G5.
4. Run ACU on the new server and scan for the storage box.(Would this work automatically and be a RAID 5 as before ??)
5. Add the 8 hot plug drives and expand the existing array.
6. Create logical drives.
7. If all drives and data appear ok, start the mirror from the new server.
8. Have a new backup set for the server and run backup exec.

To be honest I amnot an expert and want a good opinion expecially is areas of Pts. 4,5 and 6.

Could some expert help here.