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Move disks to Smart Array 641


Move disks to Smart Array 641

I have been asked to solve a problem that is too unfamiliar to me.

The case is as follow:
One noname workstation with an adaptec scsicontroller and 4 disks. One disk holds the operatingsystem and the other 3 are just datadisks, no raid at all...

Now, the server is "upgraded" with a SMART Array 641 controller. It´s owner wants to transport the 4 disks as they are to the new controller without losing data. He is not in need of a raid, so he just want the disks to be the JBOD´s they are now (?) (Why buy a SMART controller You ask... Beats me, the customer is allways right.)

The controller is found by hardware but it just shows 3 disks. The one with the OS, WinXP64, is not detected.
In ORCA he just get the options to create RAIDs, but he wants to have the disks as they are.

As I see it, the controller is up and running - faultfree.

Sorry for the lack of information, but can anyone give me a hint where to begin?

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Re: Move disks to Smart Array 641

SOunds like the OS drive is older than the others. What are the disks, how are they attached to the system (all cabled or in a hot swap cage)
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Re: Move disks to Smart Array 641

Well, it could be the case. I have only info by phone...
I´ve told him to upgrade BIOS on the controller and on the disks.

They (the disks) are all attached to the controller by a cable.