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Moving a SCSI Storage Array

David Plummer
Occasional Contributor

Moving a SCSI Storage Array

I have a Compaq Storage array on a Proliant 1850R running NT4 Server, and want to move the array and controller to a Proliant DL380R, running Windows 2000 Server. Will W2K see the array without problems or without losing any of the data on the array?
Vincent Fleming
Honored Contributor

Re: Moving a SCSI Storage Array

The general answer is: Yes.

Without knowing the specific "Compaq Storage array" you have, FW revisions, driver revs, etc, I really can't be certain.

Generally though, if you're talking about HSG80-based storage or Smart Array-based storage, you should be OK as long as you move the entire product (in the case of the Smart Array, the card and the drives. Be sure to have them inserted in the same locations to be the safest.)

Good luck,

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