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Multiple Different OS's on the same VA7410.

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Multiple Different OS's on the same VA7410.

we want to test Secure Path on multiple OS (netware, wunnt, hpux, linux) connected to the
same VA7410 virtual array. Is this supported and if so what is the host mode we can use
so as windows/netware can see an va7410 and the hpux and linux can see an array.

kris rombauts
Honored Contributor

Re: Multiple Different OS's on the same VA7410.

Hi Edie,

in the VA7xxx arays their is a file you need to download in the array to match the WWN of the fibre channel HBA's in the servers with the OS that runs on those servers.

This file can be downloaded in to the array with armhost -w -f host.txt array_id ..

(see armhost -? for all options on a system that has CVSDM installed)

Their is only one hostmode you can set (hard set) via CVSDM per port, the other hosts that will communicate to the array must be added via the host file download to make sure the array knows what OS type that WWN is talking.

to see what the array currently has loaded in his hosttable do this:

armhost -r -f host.txt 'array alias'

This will Read the host behavior table from the array controllers into a file called host.txt and will look like this i.e.:

c:\armhost -r -f host.txt alpha_nt
Reading Host Port Behavior entries from the array ...
Writing output file ...100%
Host Port Behavior data has been read
and written to the file : host.txt

>type host.txt
20000000c924185d Win2000
10000000c92cd246 Win2000
50060b00000208f7 Win2000
50060b0000017ee1 Win2000
50060b00001047b8 HPUX
50060b0000020a49 Win2000
50060b0000100f92 HPUX
10000000c92ccf01 Win2000
50060b00000158f9 Win2000

Look in the documentation of CommandView (CV SDM) and search for armhost if you need more or online help on CV SDM.



Frequent Advisor

Re: Multiple Different OS's on the same VA7410.

but what is the default host mode to be set
on each port on the array for multi OS support. I need to use w2k, hpux, linux, solaris etc. Or is there specific supported combinations that are only allowed,
win2k with solaris and linux ?

kris rombauts
Honored Contributor

Re: Multiple Different OS's on the same VA7410.

Hi Eddie,

the default host mode that can be set via the serial port (Virtual Front Panel VFP) or the one you can set when the system is online on CommandView should be the OS type that you will use first to try and connect to the VA7410 controllers.

So if you initially try to set the VA up from a WIndows server, then set it to Windows via the VFP, if it's a UX server, then set it to UX.

By default i think it comes with UX setting