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Multiple alert icons on EVA 5000


Multiple alert icons on EVA 5000

-EVA 5000
-Firmware 3025
-3 disk groups

I'm seeing Alert icons on various hdd in each of the 3 disk groups. Operational state for the hdd is "One loop connection lost". Loop A operational state is "Not in use". Loop B is good.

Under Hardware, I see Alert icons for Enclosure 1 to 6.

I/O Comm for enclosure shows Failed Fiber Channel Port A2.

Alert icon for controller A and controller B. Loop pair 1A, operational state shows failed. I've tried to ENABLE, but it still fails even though it shows Operation Succeeded.

Loop pair 1B, Loop pair 2A and 2b...all GOOD.

pls advice on what to do..

thanks in advance.

Rob Leadbeater
Honored Contributor

Re: Multiple alert icons on EVA 5000


Start by checking the physical cabling.

There should be an amber light on the back up of the EVA to indicate which of the FC ports is down.