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N4000 Upgrade

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Alex Almaraz
Regular Advisor

N4000 Upgrade

Hi sysadmins,

I have production server with the following characteristics:

CPU Count: 4
CPU Speed: 440 MHz
RAM Size: 8192 MB

It hast 2 FC60s with 3 SC10 each one.

I have another N4000 with the following:

CPU Count: 8
CPU Speed: 440 MHz
RAM Size: 8192 MB

The question is:

Can I replace the (CPU, Memory, Boards) of the first server by the ones of the second one?


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Re: N4000 Upgrade

Do you want to move CPU and memory from one server to the other?
This should work, but make sure you follow the load order.
For more information see the manual


Hope this helps!

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Re: N4000 Upgrade

yes, you can interchange the cpu, memory and boards. however do take note of the following :

a) max number of cpu is 8 per server
b) max number of memory carrier is 4 per server (one memory carrier has 8 memory slots)
c) max number of memory slot is 32 per server
d) max number of i/o slot is 12 per server