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NETRAID3Si Drivers

John Martin_1
Occasional Visitor

NETRAID3Si Drivers

Setting up a Netraid3Si with 3 18G drives raid 5.

With ME, the largest partition I can get is 8 Gigs.

The drivers on HP for NT4.0 do not work. No txwetup file.

www.microsoft.com/hcl sayes that there are new drivers for nt4.0 and nt2000 but to see HP for them (Versions 3.02). Can not find.

When I boot up on the CD for NT2000pro or Server, I get to a point where the system freezes. I can format the logical partition. I get a driver indication of mraid35.sys.
But when I look at the AMI web site, (The Enterprise 1200(428) Raid controller is supposedly the same as the NETRAID3Si, they say that the mraid35.sys driver should not be used that he can make the raid card unusable.
The AMI site does have drivers for NT4.0 and NT2000 but have not been able to get them to work.

Basically my problem is that I purchase the Card, and it did not have drivers with it. I am looking for the drivers for NT and would greatly apprecate any direction or help. I also have used a version of this card on Gateway servers. It is a good raid controller and very stable.

Thank you.
Jamie Hughes
Honored Contributor

Re: NETRAID3Si Drivers


Here is a link to all of the drivers, firmware, etc for the Netraid 3si. I'm not sure where Microsoft got that version number, but these are the latest that are available.


Best regards,
Jamie Hughes