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NVSRAM checksum does not match

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NVSRAM checksum does not match


FC60 from command amdsp -c , I found that NVSRAM checksum in controller A and controller B , does not match , does it would be the problem ?
I got EMS message:
Array at hardware path 0/5/0/, path 0/4/0/ Both controllers may not have the same RAM image.
There is a loss of NVRAM redundancy.
Associated OS error log entry id(s):

Latest information on this event:

Description of Error:
This event message is displayed when the mirroring hardware is unable
to keep the two RAM images synchronized across the two controllers.

Probable Cause / Recommended Action:
Investigate the hardware log and use other warning conditions as a
guide to the problem. You may need to replace the controller.

Possible Causes Include:
1. A controller has failed, but no obvious failure mode is evident.
2. A controller is not communicating at all.

I check all Hardware error log , using mstm , logtool , but no error reported and array can working as normal.
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Re: NVSRAM checksum does not match

Assuming you have the latest patch bundles, I'd place a call to HP. It sounds like your array took some kind of hit. good luck.

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