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Need Info on HP SIM

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Need Info on HP SIM

Q 1. How HPSIM can fetch the configuration information for XP Storage devices?

I guess Today HPCC/UC does not support data collection for XP's (Storage Array) so how HP SIM is able to collect data via UC for XP s (Array) and publish reports (e.g. Storage Device Capacity, Storage Device Controllers, Storage Device Inventory, Storage HBAs etc) based on XP data collection.

Q 2. What are the prerequisites for an XP(Disk Array) that should be satisfied such that HPSIM is able to discover it and get the config data as well to show the above mentioned reports?

Q 3. Do we need any softwares to be installed on any of Storage Device(Array) such that HPSIM can discover the XP and can collect the data from it?

Q 4. We want to have better understanding of how HPSIM support XPs today, so can you pls paint the end to end picture as what all components are involved in between today for the XP support?

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Re: Need Info on HP SIM

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