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Disk Enclosures
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Need help setting up an A3312A Jamacia enclosure

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Need help setting up an A3312A Jamacia enclosure



This is my first post on this forum so if this thread is in the wrong section please inform me. Here is the scenario currently I am attempting to set up the A3312A enclosure. I need a little help troubleshooting though, so I begain by setting the bus's for each drive bay i numbered them 0-8 (skipped 7) then I put 4 A3714AM 18.2 gb se hard drives in the unit. I also put a scsi cord from bay a to bay b to bridge the bus's and installed a terminator on the last open slot. I am using a scsi vhdci to lvd cord to connect the array to a proliant dl380 g4. I cannot get the drives to show up. I have tried using multiple cards including a HVD card but cannot get the drives to show up in the bios. Any help would be greatly apprecated. I have a full warehouse of parts at my disposal so if it is beyond configuration and hardware related suggested replacement part numbers would be a great help. 


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Re: Need help setting up an A3312A Jamacia enclosure

Problem resolved, I was using the wrong type of terminator. Please close or remove this thread.