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Need help with CA

Rob Wismans
Occasional Contributor

Need help with CA


We have the following situation:
We have a EVA5000 at our primary site
We have a EVA3000 at our secondary site.
At our primary site we hav a Exchange 2003 cluster configuration with the storage on the EVA5000.
We use CA to replicate al of our exchange storage groups the the secondairy site.

In the past, a former system engineer has configured this CA.

Now I have to make a new DR group to replicate other data from our primary site to the secondairy site. I'm unable to add a new DR group, I got the error that it is not possible to create more than 8 DR groups.
I have lookup at our config and I noticed that Exchange is using all DR groups.
The DR config for exchange is as followed.
DR group 1: Exchange store 1 (eva5000 vdisk1)
DR group 2: Exchange store 2.(eva5000 vdisk2)
DR group 3: Exchange store 3.(eva5000 vdisk3)
DR group 4: Exchange store 4.(eva5000 vdisk4)
DR group 5: Exchange log 1.(eva5000 vdisk5)
DR group 6: Exchange log 2.(eva5000 vdisk6)
DR group 7: Exchange log 3.(eva5000 vdisk7)
DR group 8: Exchange log 4.(eva5000 vdisk8)

I have found some documentation that says to combine the store and log, for example store 1 and log 1, in one DR group.
When I do this I wil have 4 DR groups left to use for other replications.

Now my question:
What is the procedure to merge 2 DR groups in to one DR group. and can this be done without having to do a full copy of the data.

With regards

Rob Wismans
Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: Need help with CA

Sorry, you cannot 'merge' two Data Replication Groups. You need to create a new copy-set and, as part of the creation, add it as a 'member' to an existing GR Group.
Watch out as all members of a DR Group are maintained by the same controller.
Rob Wismans
Occasional Contributor

Re: Need help with CA

Thank you for the quick response, but I cannot creat a new copy set, because I have reached the maximum of 8 copy-sets at this moment.
I have to remove one copy set to this.
But when I remove the copy set will the data on the secondairy site be removed?
If so then CA will make a new full copy of all the data. I would like to prevent this from happening.