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Need to Increase size of logical drive c:

Scott Radandt
Occasional Visitor

Need to Increase size of logical drive c:


I have a Proliant DL360 with a Smart Array 6i.  It has three 72.8 GB physical HDs configured in an array of two logical drives, both RAID 5.    Logical drive 1 is 16GB (this is the C: drive).  Logical drive 2 (D:) is 123GB and has data and the page file.  Right now the C: drive is running short of space but the D: drive has room to spare.


Is there any way to shrink d: and increase c:  without deleting both logical drives, recreating them and restoring all the files?  It doesn't appear that I can use a partion manager because it sees them as two seperate dirves and not 2 partions on the same drive.